Today we take a look at the background of the founder of our company, Peter Hutcheson.

Peter has been in the Sales and Marketing field for over 20 years and has grown or built several successful companies as the lead business developer.

Working with client marketing strategies in digital has allowed him to learn new sales and marketing strategies by monitoring trends that increase opportunities for additional revenue.

In addition to running marketing campaigns for clients, Peter also did the marketing for his own company. Taking a consultative path, he created educational webinar sessions that allowed potential clients to learn more about the technology for free. The response was overwhelming as there was more discovery and low-pressure conversations regarding each prospective clients status and future goals.

Peter also was instrumental in developing social media campaigns and consulting on cutting edge strategies. He became an expert in web analytics and identifying areas of opportunity based on data analysis.

Branding and brand development was a key skill that Peter learned in the dot com boom and utilizes it in his development of each and every campaign strategy.